From Our Principal

From Our Principal

My passion is to inspire students through Christ-centred education, to strive for excellence and ‘big-heartedness’. We provide a quality, diverse schooling experience that prepares our students to meet all the challenges of life.

Speak to our families and you will hear of the caring and supportive nature of our staff. Students flourish educationally when parents, students and teachers work in partnership, with Christ at the centre of each relationship. One of the great privileges I have is to see children grow and develop across the years. Regularly, students who have graduated return to share their extraordinary lives beyond the College.

It is encouraging to see the fruit produced from seeds sown during their time at Caloundra Christian College.

I encourage you to explore further how together in partnership, we can help your child establish strong foundations for life and learning

Mr Mark Hodges
Principal since 2005



7 Gregson Place, Caloundra, QLD
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